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People – Planet – Prosperity

Our mission is to transform our well-established practices of working with disadvantaged communities into a new business model that prioritizes the well-being of humans, the happiness of the soil, and ensures shared prosperity for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Lisha Coffee is a transformative partnership aimed at creating a climate-wise value chain for small-scale coffee farmers.

How it works?

Mindset shift as the base to Increase Yield, Food Security, Uplift Farmers

Our Unique Selling Point: Proven impact combined together

Kipkelion, Kenya Coffee Profile

Mindset shift & Leadership training

The farmers are organized into groups, based on building up local leadership, for ease of extension services and peer learning on the best regenerative agricultural practices and technologies.

Altitude grown from 1500-2200 meters

above sea level in deep red loamy soils in the hills, valleys and ridges of Rift Valley.


This area has an annual rainfall of about 1500mm. The Ecosystem allows for flowing rivers year-round. The farmers use the river waters for their farming and processing. Water retention & Irrigation system are being used to combat climate change.


Mature coffee beans are hand-picked selectively from the trees and processed mainly through the wet method.
Otherwise, the mature cherry is taken straight to drying tables and the processing is bypassed.

Dry parchment

is then taken to Kipkelion coffee mills where it is polished, graded, and cupped for quality analysis by a coffee expert.


The coffee is grown by small-scale farmers owning land ranging from ΒΌ acre to 5 acres in mixed farms.
Their main activity is coffee growing, intercropping and dairy cattle rearing. Manure from the dairy units is used to fertilize the coffee reducing inorganic fertilizers.


This coffee is produced from Batian, Ruiru 11 ,K7, Grafted Ruiru and SL 28&34 varieties.

Shade grown

The coffees are grown under shade to increase soil organic matter and ameliorate the microclimate surrounding the farms. This ensures a longer bean maturity period leading to sufficient accumulation of necessary acids and other minerals giving the coffee the unique and distinct Kenya highlands character.

Traceability Aim

to create a data collection culture by using an ethical AI platform and precise agriculture.



Greyish Green


Medium Bold

Harvesting season




Annual production

~6,000 tons of coffee

Screen size

AA: Grade Screen 18 (7.35mm), 20-35%
AB: Grade Screen 16 (6.85mm) Category 1 defects:0, 30-50%.
C: Grade Screen 14

Cupping score

~85% (up to 90%)


Nutmeg Berry


Very bright


Overtones of berries and citrus fruit, dark chocolate, sugarcane note, hazel nuts, Bismatic rice creamy and smooth and rich body with slightly dry white winey.


Coffee is packed in 60 kg per bag

Coffee sales basis

Ex-warehouse basis, F.O.B or CIF

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